$150 Challenge: Bicycle! Bicycle!

Sneakers that made me squeal with delight.Could such a thing exist? Indeed these green mary jane sneakers with a floral wedge heel by Keds made me think of lemonade and bicycle rides in dappled sunlight. Throw in a couple more patterns in pink and green and for $144.99 you have a the perfect preppy look for a spring weekend.
mary jane wedge sneakers, Keds "Midnight" at Zappos $60
khaki skort, Forever 21 $19.80
pink plaid top, Old Navy $19.50
striped blazer, Forever 21 $24.90 (I couldn't decide on a color, so I included the pink and the green.)
striped tote, Mossimo at Target $14.99
sunglasses, Forever 21 $5.80


Lovely collection! Those green shoes are so cute!
Caitlin said…
Those shoes!
Also, I can't wait to get going on my bike EVERY DAY!
becca said…

This is making my desire for a vintage bicycle even worse.

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