Vintage Embellished Cardigans

Spring is nigh! On a recent walk, I even saw daffodils and crocus poking through the mushy earth. Today's shopping round-up will work from March's bitter cold through early May's crisp breeze. We're looking at Etsy for vintage, embellished cardigans, because your grandmother had sweater territory before Emma Pillsbury.
Top: blue embellished cardigan 1950s, Lenny and Me Vintage $44
pink cardigan 50s, Bohemiennes $55
black cardigan with angora ruffle 1970s, Bloom Street Vintage $30
Middle: white cashmere sequin cardigan 1950s, Vintage Melody $89
blue ribbon cardigan 50s, Catbooks1940s $60
Bottom: teal cardigan 50s, Henry Brown Coat $42
bright floral cardigan, Hey Viv $32.99
grey cardigan with dot ruffle, aptvwt $21


Lesa said…
I am in love with these! unfortunatley Iam a size 14 and that is impossible to find, however I am dieting, and cardis like these are one of my goals!
Sarah Dee said…
Its like your tapping into my ebay search engine right now! And lesa I completely agree, the small sizes of vintage clothing is more than enough incentive to shed some of these pounds! Another plus for vintage!


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