Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Akris
What it made us think of: Twiggy in the seventies
What we liked: Suits, tailoring, knitwear, leather, jackets
What we didn't: sheer shoulders
Who: Balenciaga
What it made us think of: A futuristic, ransom note writing bounty hunter with an affinity for the seventies.
What we liked: Space warrior influence, fencing reference
What we didn't: Fur around the middle, weird unzipped(?) suits to reveal "pages" of text, clunky feel
Who: Haider Ackermann
What it made us think of: What I wish other designers were doing.
What we liked: twists, folds, collars, peplum, laser-cut leather than looked like lace, everything
What we didn't:
Who: Rue du Mail
What it made us think of: Proof that a buyer-friendly but still interesting collection can be made.
What we liked: wrap-around lapels, coats, cylinder arms, ruffles,
What we didn't: Weird arm cylinders, overly shiny velvety sateen pieces
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