Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Emporio Armani
What it made us think of: The shows theme of "Uptown Girl" was well expressed.
What we liked: Skirts, booties, pleats, jackets, ruffles
What we didn't: That one floral dress
Who: Giorgio Armani
What it made us think of: Bubblegum 80s Barbie who "goes bad" to sell more records
What we liked: shoulders, pinstripes, green, flirty print skirts,
What we didn't: optical illusion dresses, the models' heads, grandmother's couch as a jacket square
Who: Missoni
What it made us think of: What would happen if a sewing machine went on safari in Siberia
What we liked: signature knits;!, the bra things,
What we didn't: midrift, snowflake print, tortured knits, the looks that made us ask "did they sew that?", doily dress
Who: Emilio Pucci
What it made us think of: The rock star daughter of a 70s Italian pop star
What we liked: purple and blue print, sleek black pants, gold swirly prints, the prints in general, the metalics, the pretty, the northern lights colors
What we didn't: shiny mini dresses, Partridge Family pants, dead muppets, necklines down to there
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