Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Dolce & Gabbana
What it made us think of: The ghost of Coco Chanel has possessed Domenico and Stefano.
What we liked: all things lingerie-inspired, golden headphones, lacey shoes, romantic safety pin jewelry, black lace, tiny evening purses
What we didn't: animal prints (I've like them at other houses, but never felt D&G did them well), round shoulder jackets (that were still amazing)Who: D&G
What it made us think of: Nova Scotian lifeguards on laundry day
What we liked: blazers, sweater corsets, traditional winter sweaters, red
What we didn't: fur shorts, ugly boots, thermal underwear (I'm sure they're calling it something else, but in Indiana, it's a thermal), fair isle sweaters paired with chiffon floral skirts
Who: Salvatore Ferragamo
What it made us think of: My father's closet.
What we liked: manly tailoring, tweeds, subtle plaids, oxford heels, grandpa sweaters, good winter shorts, cape!, good use of textures
What we didn't: Dad wouldn't have been caught dead in a knit cap.
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