Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Alberta Ferretti
What it made us think of: Elegance
What we liked: shoes!; a dark color palette tempered with pops of teal and pale; embellishments like fine chains and crimped ribbon; coats!
What we didn't: No detail shots.Who: Francesco Scognamiglio
What it made us think of: I can't pull a character out of the show, but the designer seems to be enjoying experimentation.
What we liked: flouncy skirts, burgundy lips, interesting shapes
What we didn't: If you have to slouch to cover your butt, it's a shirt, not a dress.Who: Fendi
What it made us think of: Colors and textures repeated, but there wasn't a story behind these clothes.
What we liked: full skirts, long skinny belts, the color mix
What we didn't: lack of vision, ugly shoes with rubber toes, mid-shin skirts, boxy coats

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