Love or Loathe: Lace Shorts

The lace shorts themselves aren't debatable. You have to love them. The creamy pink and floral texture will fit right in to spring soft color trend, and a big thighed girl like me could wear them without a booty bearing disaster. Although I'm not sure my butt would be attracting the most attention from the back view. Why did they have to add a thick black swatch of a zipper placket? Does it ruin the shorts? While I love zipper details, I'm more then ready for obvious zippers for the purpose for being obvious to go away.


Sarah Dee said…
Personally I love them in theory! The cut and color are really reminiscent of 1920's tap shorts and that is my perfect spring look!Unfortunately the long black strip in the front ruins the flowy flapper look.

Jael Paris said…
We're of one mind, Sarah!
LaToya said…
Yes that thick black swatch is such a turn off. I bought a skirt from Heritage acouple months ago that looks similiar to those shorts without the dreaded look at me zipper. I'll send you a link when I post it on my blog!

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