The Horror: Floral Slouch Clog

Pardon the people at Irregular Choice. They're not good with words. What they call floral slouch clogs are floral wedge boots. What they call magnificent, I call hideous. What they call a respectable $248, I call insane. Yet someone wants this look. Last year we featured something similar in a solid with a lower wedge.

While a slouchy boot can be fabulously casual, in fabric it doesn't translate well. They look like starched socks. Walking casts. Daddy's spats. Toy hooves. If a classic Louboutin is the Lexus of shoes, these are the Pinto. All boxy and explosive.


Anonymous said…
Ok ... what the H*LL are those!?! Those are absolutely disgusting!
Sarah Dee said…
$200 what!?!?! im speechless... this never happens
Fanya said…
I agree those are hideous. I am deeply saddened because the winter version, the slouchy boots, are ADORABLE! you can see a pic here:

It may be too cutesy for most people, but I thought it would be so adorable worn with jeans and hoodies. Oh well, yeah, those spring clogs just ruined my appetite.

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