FMF Reader Poll: Who Wore It Better?

These two gowns stood out to me as favorites from the Oscars red carpet. Both women wore soft, romantic looks. Both also managed to pull off nearly skin tone colors as well. Anna Kendrick (left) wore Spring 2010 Elie Saab Couture and Demi Moore wore Atelier Versace Spring 2008. Which soft romantic look do you like better?


Unknown said…
They both looked stunning, but I have to give it to Demi. She was my best dressed of the entire night.
love demi's dress more (actually i wish i had one! haha), but her hair/accessories just don't look as good with this style of dress!
Fanya said…
I love both, maybe Demi's a little more. However, the first thing I noticed is the posture. Demi looks like she's slouching and it doesn't do her or the dress enough justice. I also like Anna's hair slightly better, but mainly the posture thing. =(

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