Project Design: Pleated Skirts

You can't move for ruffles right now, but unless you're a naughty school girl, pleats get no love. (Side note, some stores seem to not know the difference between darts, ruffles, ruching and pleats.) It's times like these when Etsy is a salvation for the closet with a clear, non-trend-driven sense of style.

Pencil skirt with kick pleats by Designer Lori


Fanya said…
there's no floaty accordion skirt/dresses. =(

I'm biased toward rich colors and either floaty/sheer or heavy/tweed dress/skirts...
Jael Paris said…
I looked! If you want to pay through the nose, there are a few designer accordion pleat options. Sadly, most stores with an accordion pleat item really had something with darts. So frustrating!

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