The Horror: Bloody Mess

I can't find a single shop actually selling these fancy underoos by Rosamosario, though I hear some Victoria's Secret stores have them. Good, because I'm sure there will be a rush for panties that look like they're sprouting a collection of used pads.


Those just look weird. It's almost like a flower, but a bloody mess of a flower. OMG. That made me laugh really hard!
Erica said…
wow... yeah, those are awful! even if they didn't have the bleeding floral disaster in the front they look kind of old and dirty.

I wonder if the designer was going for some kind of symbolism that got a little too litteral.
Fanya said…
aww! ew! why did you even post pictures, it just ruined my appetite. It look gross. It look like used tampoons and toilet paper during period stuck together on an underwear.

ergh....I'm sorry but I have excruciating period pain and no good memory of it. That underwear's just...ugh
Kaye said…
Oh, God. I wonder what the heck a person was thinking designing them, let alone actually agreeing to sell them.
rachel said…
Nothing sexier than undies that look like you wore them during your period. [/sarcasm]
Anonymous said…
It looks like some sort of modern art project!

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