The Horror: Bad Boyfriend

This horrible math lesson from the "boyfriend jean" at Shopbop involves the following constants and variables:

1. So low-rise, shaving the nethers may be required.

2. We are not fans of the worn before we've worn them look.

3. Stumpifying length. (They unroll, but why, for the love, did they use that as their main image?)

4. While on the topic of styling huhs, did they have to pick similar grey shoes? It's hobo dyed-to-match.

5. $238?!@$$?!! (Now on sale, but still that original price is cra-zay!)

Class, the answer is as follows. Please, show your work.

(Low x Destroyed + Ugly Display) to the power of WTF MONIES! = Fail.


Annie said…
You could get the same look for $2.38 at a thrift store. In multiple washes & with different wear patterns.
Fanya said…
Thank you!

argh, I don't get those kind of jeans either. I am a fan of making things last, so I buy dark wash and very tailored jeans. They usually last me ~5 yrs, at which point they are naturally aged and look much better than those intentionally ripped and destroyed jeans.
ond funny... I totally agree with you... Totally raunch.... A + on the hunt... love the layout
Anonymous said…
you know when the svelte model looks terrible it's an awful product. ick.

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