FMF Reader Poll: Valentine's Day Dress

During high school, my friends and I started a tradition of wearing black on Valentine's Day. In college, my friends there extended the tradition from just wearing black to visiting the cutesy, lovey-dovey local ice cream parlor (jarring the love birds with our black outfits) and eating way to much ice cream. Last year, I attended an "All the Single Ladies" party, for which we were instructed to wear pajamas. I'm not sure what I'll wear this year. I'm tempted to dress like a life-sized Valentine just for the fun of it. What do you wear for Valentine's Day?


I am actually wearing a scarflette inspired by one here. I posted it on my blog and linked the image back to you.

So, that's what i'll be wearing! happy valentine's day.
Anonymous said…
I know it's crazy but I really love the girl's outfit in the picture! great poll idea :)
Fanya said…
life-size valentine. I'm wearing a red A-line tank dress, a red polka dot headband with bow and am giving friends chocolate truffles.

If I have a bf, then I would be obligated to dress in non-over-the-top and possibly-embarrassing-to-the-guy clothe. So might as well get it out of my system (if that's possible), before I get a bf.
becca said…
Charles, I love her dress in the picture too!

Fanya, send a picture! That sounds adorable!

I'm leaning toward a life-sized valentine more and more.
Kaye said…
I'm wearing this bright red skirt that I rarely have an occasion to wear. I somewhat hate Valentine's Day, but I like dressing for it. Just because I'm bitter and alone doesn't mean I can't be bitter and alone and stylish. ;)
LyddieGal said…
Depends on what my plans are. Last year a wore an itty-bitty black dress and a faux fur for dinner with my single girls. This year it will probably end up being pajamas.
Jael Paris said…
Let's see, Valentine's Day is a Sunday. I'll be going to church then sitting on the couch blogging all day. So my usual hotpants then.

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