Etsy Shop of the Week: Vanguard Gallery

Shop: Vanguard Gallery

Why We Love It: We usually cover Etsy shops with items you can wear, but since we've been covering a lot of lingerie this month, I thought it'd be fun to feature these pin-up prints for fashionable decorating. (I'd love to do my bedroom in retro styles with pin-up prints).

Price Range: $9.95 - $250

More Info: The prints are available at affordable prices, but for the higher prices you can buy the original works.

Favorite Items: Secretary Pinup $24.95; Doggone Pinup $49.95; Stepping Out Pinup $18.95 (pictured); Nobody Pinches Me Pinup $49.95; Finders Keepers Pinup $18.95 (These items are safe for work, but not the whole shop.)


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