Editor's Pick of the Week: Harmonizing Slip

I went to a school where I was required to wear a dress or skirt every day from kindergarten through twelfth grade. I used to think I'd grow up to never wear a dress again. I also thought I'd leave slips behind too when I ditched the dresses. I fought my mother every morning in elementary school to let me leave my slip behind. I hated them. I still hear a lot of people say they hate slips. I think this is because they've never found one that properly fits, especially when it comes to full-length slips.

Well, I didn't ditch dresses. In fact, I've had friends ask me if I own pants. I have also came to love slips. (I'm sorry six-year-old me. I've let you down.) Slips are handy when a gust of wind suddenly lifts the hem of your skirt. They're also very nice for keeping your tights or leggings from catching on your skirt as you walk (this is a bad look and it's happening if you want to pretend it's not). They can help fight bad bouts static cling too. Best of all a full slip smooths out all the lumps and bumps in an outfit. This works best with a slip that only has a little bit of spandex in it. I much prefer a loose slip with very little give to tugging my way into those super tight, super spandex slimmers, and I must say that I get almost the same effect.

This Harmonizing Slip from Anthropologie is made of Nylon with a little spandex. It comes in grey (pictured) and nude. The sheer accordion pleats at the bottom would even been cute peeking out from the bottom of a dress. It costs $48.


Gaëlle Pfyffer said…
Nice! I have never thought about using a slip, but I am sure there would be many benefits, as you have explained. Do you know of any good one if larger sizes ( 16, 18) ?
Thanks for the tip!
becca said…
Gale, I'll do some research and let you know what I find.

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