Winter Hats

My sister-in-law and I are on the same wave-length; we bought each other cute hats from Target from Christmas. Once falls hits, my noggin is covered until the flowers come back, so a rotating selection of head gear is a must. Which one would you pick to keep your ears toasty?Clockwise: blue pom beanie, Mod Cloth $37.99
hint of plaid newsboy, Mod Cloth $27.99
purple cap, Target $14.99
red wool cloche, Urban Outfitters $14.99
pom beanie with earflaps, Forever 21 $10.80
Clockwise: knit button hat, Mod Cloth $29.99
pink plaid hunting cap, Target $14.99
bow beanie, Urban Outfitters $19.99
jeweled beret, Target $14.99

If you're doubting the hunting cap, give it a whirl in the store. My coworker wears one, and it's flippin' adorable on her.


LyddieGal said…
I love the jeweled beret, but I wonder if it would cover one's ears?
JiaoJiao said…
I would've liked the purple hat in the first pic if it is in velvet/leather/suede.

But as for me right now:
most recent: a duckbill/cabbie men's hat (need something to ground my cute/fluffy/froufrou tops/dresses).
fav: chunky knit beanie with ear flap in white/light gray/light pink.

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