Winter Coats Under $100

One of our readers has a blog about what she wears in the tropical climate she lives in. I think of her sometimes as I curl up on the couch and plan the week's posts. I think about how she doesn't have a foot of snow in her driveway and ice feathering across her bedroom windows. And while I know she'd love to wear a stunning pair of knee high leather boots, I know it will be another three months before my knees even see the light of day. The good news is that while we're barely into winter, stores are already trying to clear room for spring merchandise. So, anyone interested in snapping up a warm winter coat for under $100?Top: berry military coat, Victoria's Secret $99.99
shiny quilted puffer, INC at Macy's $74.99
herringbone A-line, Victoria's Secret $69.99
Middle: faux fur trim hooded coat, Victoria's Secret $89.99
long red funnel coat, Calvin Klein at Wilson's Leather $99.95
white ruffle coat, Victoria's Secret $79.99
Bottom: toggle coat with faux fur trim, The Limited $79.99
drop waist coat, Victoria's Secret $89.99
hooded quilted jacket, Calvin Klein at Wilson's Leather $59.95


LyddieGal said…
The furry white coat is very tempting...

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