What Would You Pay? Layered Dress

Be sure to check out last week's daisy dress. Most of you said you'd $20 to $40 for it. See how much is really cost.
I find this layered dress very interesting. I like the idea of different layers on the top and the various ways to wear the top layer, but I'm not sure how I would wear. It's one of those items I'd have to play with a little to figure out what I like. I would probably wear the top layer off the shoulder a bit. What I would like to know is not how you would wear it, but what you would pay for it?

The dress is made of a white Italian cotton top, a rose and black silk body and black silk straps. It safe to assume this is a dry clean only item. And, I'll give you a little hint about were it's from as long as you don't go looking it up and sharing it with everyone one--this is designed by a former Project Runway contestant. (Project Runway is back on Thursday!)

Next Tuesday I will announce on Twitter and Facebook (as well as in this post) where this dress is from and how much it costs. If you know where this is from, DON'T tell everyone and spoil the fun. The actual cost will skew everyone's answers. Until then, what would you pay for this layered dress?

Update: This is the Agnes Dress from Dahl by Allison Kelly. It costs $328.


Phie Preston said…
I love the idea of layers on the dress! It looks really unique, I'd probably pay about $40 for that... I hope you can check out The Fashion Smoke and follow us too, we're following you now :)

Lizzie said…
That dress is pretty cool!

I would probably pay $50 for it.
Erica said…
Sorry for spoiling the fun on the betsy johnson shoes :( I didn't think of it that way. I am a jerk. This dress isn't bad but I don't like it enough to pay what they are probably charging. -- my guess would be that it costs $150. I would be willing to pay $60 at the most for it. I can't wait for project runway to start again!
JiaoJiao said…
I'm more intrigued by the model's make up (obvious yet still feminine and pretty)... but I digress.

I'm usually not a layering person, but it actually looks like it could be a discrete mini on my curvy-ish 5'9 and is pretty cute. I'm only going to wear the straps up (but with this many layer on top, I might be able to skip the bra =X so that's a plus). And it's a good quality.

$40 due to budget, but the more I look at it, more outfit ideas come and the more I like it. $70 max on a good mood day.
Jael Paris said…
I'm going to hate on this they way people hated on the pink shoes. I makes me think she had an accident with her most dowdy support garments. So I'd pay nothing and then exchange it.
rachel said…
I'm not really a fan, but if it was on super clearance (less than $10,) I would do to it what I did to another dress a few years ago. Cut the bits I don't like out, add bits that I do like until it's something else entirely. That probably doesn't count though.
Kaye said…
I like it with all layers on, but with that part down or on the arms, I think it just looks like you forgot to finish getting dressed. I'd probably pay about 30 dollars for it.
Lisa said…
So when are you going to tell us the real cost? I'm not seeing it on the link to the post on the daisy dress or the twitter feed. Is it somewhere else? Maybe I'm missing something.
becca said…

I'll post the real cost Tuesday when I post the next "What Would You Pay?" item. I will also post it on Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday.
Lisa said…
Hi Becca, I'm talking about the daisy dress from last week, not the layered dress.
becca said…
Sorry Lisa. I put it up now. I thought I had it in there. Thanks for letting me know it was missing.
Elizabeth said…
I would probably pay 40 for it. It's interesting enough that I think I could pull it off ;)

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