Project Runway S7 Ep2: Mashed Potatoes

Last night the designer trekked to a farm where Tim Gunn stood in the mud (but still looking happy not to be in LA) with all the models behind him wearing potato sacks. Based on the saying "She's so pretty she would look good in a sack," the designers were challenged to create a cocktail look from burlap sacks. The models were the clients and would wear the design to an industry event later. Models picked their designers (insert drama here). Thankfully the editors didn't focus on the client drama. Appropriately, Lauren Hutton guest judged--there's a woman who could work a burlap sack!

Of those not judged, Anthony was my favorite. I wasn't expecting that based on his efforts last week, but this little red number with a beautifully draped skirt looked lovely. Jonathan's lace look was a close second. Ben's dress was also quite cute, but would have been drab without the shoulder detail. Ben continues to be great with dress making though.
I was less enthused about these dresses that made it through to next week. Maya's look was cute, but even she said it didn't come out how she planned. It's just OK-ish. Seth Aaron's hooded dress wasn't horrible, but the tailoring was off and it needed some color. Jeneane Marie made a very pretty dress, but it didn't look like anything new or interesting. The same goes for Anna's design, which I again feel like I could buy at Target. At least she made a cool texture with her potato print.
These dresses escaped the bottom three because there were actually worse looks. Emilio took quite a fall from being last week's winner. This dress has nothing interesting about it except a print that reminds me too much of last week. This kind of layered print creation will only work a few times before the judges call him out for doing the same thing too much. Jesse's look did not fit and did not flatter. The design was rather boring. It was also terrible styling to cram bunchy looking pants into knee boots making them look even bunchy-er.
I half expected Mila to win, but it was a tough call with all three top looks deserving the win (yay!). Mila really transformed the burlap into a sexy dress. The judges were a little unsure of the purposeful gaping in the front, but Heidi defended it (she is very picky about how boobs look too). Nina said "You went from the farm to the future."
Amy was my pick to win. Guest Judge Hutton agreed. This dress moved beautifully. I love that she actually let you see that the material was burlap, but still made you love the dress. I would even brave the scratchiness to wear this!
Jay Nicolas took the prize of immunity for next week. Again, this dress had stunning movement. It looked expensive. The burlap was completely transformed. One of the judges even commented that they first thought the skirt was made of feathers--nope, it's burlap! He also made the tricky material conform to his wishes for a stunning fit through the bodice (where other designers had a bit of trouble). A deserved win for one of my favorites.
Jesus didn't get his taste questioned this week, but they did worry about his sense of color. The dress was quite drab. Drabness aside, it would have done a little better had he not hidden all of the burlap on the skirt under ribbons. As Tim said, he "skirted" the challenge. Two weeks in the bottom three this early is never good. I expect him to say "Auf Wiedersehen" next week.
Ping. Oh, Ping. The resident crazy went from last week's top three to this week's surprise not-loser. Her creation led to the coining of a new fashion term--"assflap." Even after Tim warned her about the problems of a short skirt and elevated runway, she still managed to make a bum-skimming dress and added a slit! The whole look was dismal anyway. The model's butt hanging out the back didn't help. Ping gave a tearful defense that included some nonsense about not quite understanding the challenge (I call BS!). She didn't go home because the judges seem to have a morbid curiosity for what she will do next. To make things even worse she picked another model, sending her mousy model home after the poor girl chose Ping to give her another chance. (Sad, even if she is a terrible model).
Pamela went home this week for her burlap-disguised-as-denim cocktail dress. I though tight denim dresses died with the early 2000s. What about a faded denim says "model at an industry party." The rest of the design was boring and dated (something I saw throughout her portfolio but had hoped it was because the designs were actually old.) Also, she can't pronounce "ombre." Bye bye.
What did you think of this week's winner and loser? Which look was your favorite? Who should go home next week?


Robin said…
I totally wanted Amy to win too. I really like her look (shallow of me) and told everyone I watched it with that I wanted her to make something gorgeous to justify my weird like for her. It would have been my favorite dress anyway, though. My friend Jenna and I gasped when it came out.
Lesa said…
I loved Amy's dress too and hate the one with the hood.
Jael Paris said…
Great challenge! Glad to see creativity is back on PR. Love so many of the looks!
Marybelle said…
I loved this challenge! Really liked most of the designs.
Rachel said…
I liked the winning dress, Amy's dress, and Anthony's dress. I kind of feel bad for the loser... she's probably pretty mad that Ping was chosen over her.

I was really impressed with most of the designers!
alumni bball said…
This challenge is quite one you'd like to win in.

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