Project Design: Obi Belts

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

I have one obi belt and I get an absurd about of use out of it. The obi really let's me stretch my wardrobe. It adds weight to flowing dresses so they look more appropriate for winter. It gives structure to a lot of my jersey knit dresses. It reduces some of the bulk of winter sweaters. It allows me to create more of a waistline after all that holiday eating I did. It also can be a fun hip belt if I don't wrap it around twice or a statement head band if I wrap it around three or four times. This long strip of fabric has amazing fashion possibilities. Which one would you choose?

Calista Kimono Obi Belt by tutus2

The Static Belt by godswear

asymmetric black buckle obi by ledthread

Black leather obi by elizabethkelly

Embroidered Flowers Sash by hemsandbustles

Erica Belt by shanaebytm


Unknown said…
I want the black leather one!
LyddieGal said…
the black leather obis are really cool, like a hybrid between the classical style and a contemporary leather belt. I really want one!

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