Orange. Leather. Shorts.

Those three words in combination are hilariously bad. Seriously? Who would make such a monster? Karl Lagerfeld, that's who. (Not surprised at all.) Normally, I'd brush this item off as typical out-of-touch designer craziness, but so many Polyvorians have styled them well, that they instead serve as a reminder to keep my eyes open for surprising pieces when I'm shopping.

Paris226 (Love the name) did what most of us would do with a new, strange item in our closets: wear black. Her other pieces, however, pop just as much as the orange.

T. Rece and Mia.O. both paired the shorts with a bold pattern and one other bright color.

Larissa Braga went with a sunset palette.

Shirlei Patricia Muniz used a combination of the two previous ideas.

So don't be afraid to try something new while out treasure hunting. If you're stumped, no doubt someone on Polyvore can help you out.


Rachel said…
Wow. These shorts suddenly seem shockingly wearable...
Robin said…
Those shorts are FANTASTIC!

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