Love or Loathe: Cute Boots

One of the first Japanese words my roommate taught me was kawaii, which means cute. We're talking big eyes, fluffy softness and anthropomorphic food levels of cute. It is, perhaps, the best word to describe Pastry's heart sweater boots. They'd be perfect on the sort of girl who daily rocks pigtails and lace, but I can't say I'm a fan. If you're adorable to the point of pain, the boots are on clearance for $55.30 at Macy's. Interested or will you pass?


rachel said…
Definitely something I'd see in Harajuku. Not really my taste, but certainly something that would make Japanese girls go "squee!"
JiaoJiao said…

It totally works as long as the rest of your outfit is not cute. If you are just wearing plain or band t-shirt/long sleeves/turtle necks and plain jeans tucked into the boots. I think it's fun without being too cute.

If you wear it with jeans over it, no one can tell and the white boots look great.

I think it's perfect to add a little fun to the plain everyday outfit, to soften an edgy outfit, and for valentine's day of course....or pair with romantic/cute outfits as lolita for halloween.

then again, I'm 21. I think it works as long as you are not ~50 then it prob look awkward.
JiaoJiao said…
p.s. another thing that prevent the boots from going overboard:

the style of the boots (toe/heel) is mature. If it was round toed with a chunky heel, then yes, totally lolita fashion*.

*lolita fashion, see wikipedia for definition.
JiaoJiao said…
shucks, they are out of the white ones. The black ones are not even cute, just gaudy. =(

/end of spam
Jael Paris said…
Poo. I've had this on my list of things to feature so long, I completely forgot to check for color and size availability. You may still be able to buy them at your local Macy's or Dillard's.
Anonymous said…
i think they are so-so. i just don't usually like white shoes in general though. lol about the whole kawaii thing! i've known that for ages being a total anime/manga nerd in highschool >__<
Jael Paris said…
Roommate is most certainly a manga nerd.

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