Love and Loathe: Golden Globes Red Carpet

Our Golden Globe Red Carpet Coverage continues with some of our picks for best and worst of the night. (See our earlier coverage: Rate the Red Carpet and Red Carpet Trends)

Marchesa had two hits on the Red Carpet last night. Kate Hudson was white hot in her gown. I love the structured bodice. It's a daring and unique choice, and she made it in white instead of basic black. Brava, Kate. Anna Kendrik, who I actually wasn't familiar with until last night, also wore Marchesa. She's been on several worst dressed lists, but I have no idea why. The dress is lovely and interesting. It also made me notice her. Had she worn something less daring, I still wouldn't know who she is.
I'm never attracted to peach. My brain reserves peach for princess-y prom dresses and horrible bridesmaids dresses (with hats, for some reason). These two dresses have redeemed peach for me. Maggie Gyllenhaal gave pastel peach some edge in this structured RM Roland Mouret dress. Mad Men's Christina Hendrik rocked peach in this Christian Siriano(!) gown, and her pale complexion glowed against the buttery peach and her red hair. She deserves an award for just looking so amazing.
Glee's colorful cast took home the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Show, but they lacked color on the red carpet. Even though it wouldn't have been my first choice for her, Lea Michele looked lovely in this glam black gown. It's perfect on her. Jayma Mays, however, dissapointed in this black and white Badgley Mischka dress. Since she plays such a colorful character, I was expecting some color on the red carpet. I could have liked her in black and white had the rest of the dress stayed away from spider webs and followed suit with the My Fair Lady-esque bodice (which reminded me of her "I Could Have Dance All Night" cover).
I'm also not sure what to think of Zoe Saldana and Diane Kruger. I really want to like Zoe's dress, but something is off. Jael Paris says the bottom makes her think of rags. I agree, and my love of ruffles aside, something about this dress says "brothel in the wild west." Maybe a different color would have helped. Thoughts? Diane's dress is taking a beating in the "worst dressed" lists, and I'm not sure it's deserved. The color is fun. The neckline is interesting. The ombre effect is beautiful. The white bow is a little too white, but I rather like it. I at least want to applaud her for taking risks.
Sofia Vergena
and Carey Mulligen are fairly new to the red carpet, and they made wonderful choices. I adore this Colombian comedienne on Modern Family, and I love her slate dress as well. Several lists have called it boring, but the color is unique and works great with her skin. The design is simple yet interesting. Carey Mulligan doesn't seem to need "an education" in fashion. This navy print dress with black organza by Nina Ricci is a refreshing choice in the sea of solid color satins.
Mariah Carey, Chloe Sevigny and Julianne Moore left me wanting more on the Red Carpet. Mariah Carey should be wanting more fabric for the front of her dress. I actually love the idea of seeing Carey's curves in a Herve Leger design, but it needs to fit rather than squash and reveal. Chloe's dress is a difficult one (ask the guy who tripped on it). It's not bad for Chloe. I kind of like the color and ruffles. It's a little dowdy and overwhelming, but that's Chloe's style. For her, this may be a mild success. Or have I been looking at too many dresses? (See below for Julianne).
Julianne's dress makes me want to tell her to stand up straight even though her posture is fine. The dress look slouchy and slubby. Her figure has disappeared. Her normally stunning complexion is drowned in grey-ish black. The whole thing looks like a fur collar robe she's slid off her shoulders that could fall open at any moment. Which could sound sexy or glamorous, but on the red carpet it just looks accidental and blah.

What were your favorite and least favorite dresses? What do you think of the dresses I'm not so sure about?


Jael Paris said…
I didn't like Maggie's dress. It looked like the bottom was tacked on as an afterthought.

Mariah just wore a long version of the skin tight dresses she's been in for the past decade.

I loved (!) Sofia, Kate and Diane. Excellent details.

Cameron Diaz (great cut!) and Olivia Wilde (whose whole look rocked) were pretty high for me too.
WickedThrifty said…
my favorites are the pinks-- i LIKE the ruffles on the dark one-- and i think the ombre is indeed beautiful, but the bodice kind of icky-prom-dress on the hot pink... i think the peach "pin-up" (i heard it referred to) with the redheaded girl is the most amazing dress for her-- she's pale enough that it doesn't look skin toned and wash her out, and obviously great for her boobs. odd, though, i kind of hate the dress itself- it reminds me of peaches and cream barbie, which while AWESOME is not exactly high fashion ;)

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