Bright Vintage Print Dresses

It was 16 degrees most of the day. After changing into warm, dry socks, I'm huddled on the couch with stew and plans of hot cocoa. Winter can certainly be fun, but right now I want to think cheery thoughts and pretend the bitter grey outside is just a bad dream. Help me out, Etsy.
Top: swirled maxi dress, Cricket Capers $35
shirt dress, Penelope Pup's Vintage $30
diamond print dress, Vintage Marmalade $36
Middle: floral mini dress, Persephone Vintage $46.99
lime mini dress, Old Age $63
circle mini dress, Safe As Milk Vintage $30
Bottom: yellow stripe shift, Art Girrl $30
orange maxi dress, Erstwhile Style $68
polka dot button dress, Light Years Vintage $49


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