Black Pants For Work

I love shopping, but I loathe shopping for a particular item. That changes shopping from shell collecting on the beach to breaking my back digging in for doubloons. It's certainly worth it if you find treasure, but if you don't you have a bumpy beach and spasms around your spine. Number one on my list of things I hate shopping for is jeans. Number two: standard black pants.
becca is a fan of the Editor from Express. Ringing in at just under $50, this clean cut pant is available in five office friendly colors. While I strike out hunting for pants in stores, I've had great luck ordering from the Victoria's Secret catalogue. They have a fabulous selection of suiting options in a variety of cuts. Many of their clothes are steeply discounted right now, making these lovely wide leg pants $29.99 instead of $78. If you're on the tightest of budgets (and have the skinniest of legs) Forever 21 actually carries a basic black pant for around $22.
Whenever I'm at the mall, I always swing by the sale section of Banana Republic. Their pants fit wonderfully (although not as well as when they offered in-house tailoring), and I can usually catch a good sale for out of season fabric weights. J. Crew and Ann Taylor both sell pants for around $130, but are worth stalking for sales. After all, classic work wear is their bread and butter.If you have a rubbery budget, perhaps you'd be interested in some black slacks with fun details? I'm not so crazy about the pocket flaps on these trousers at Nordstrom from Nanette Lepore, but I do go a little weak in the knees for a good cuff. The pleated, baggy yet tapered pants by Vince at Shopbop are certainly the trendiest selection here, and they're almost sold out. My favorite of these dream pants is certainly the wide-leg self belted design from Anthropologie. They remind me of vintage sailor uniforms and that's always happy.

Where have you found your best black pant?


belt buckles said…
having a perfect black pair of trousers is essential!
Fanya said…
Love express!

I tried on and really like the fit of the pants from Express. Altho I mainly get my button down business shirt from there (the shirts fit me incredibly well, like it's tailored for me)

speaking of victorias secret, you've featured their shoes before. How comfortable are the heels and how are the fit?


p.s. teheehee. The word verification is "hotesc" (hot escape? hmmm).
Jael Paris said…
VS shoes vary by brand. Most of the shoes they sell are available at Macy's or Nordstrom if you want to try them on. If you can't find the model info on VS, print a picture and show it to a sales associate in one of those stores.
Kasmira said…
Surprisingly, my favorite black pants are from Forever 21. (And I do not have skinny legs.) I just got lucky that the sizing was generous on this particular pair of trousers.
Anonymous said…
About a month ago, I got the most amazing pair of black pants from the GAP on sale for $18! They make my legs look so long and lean, I had to go back for a second pair. I am one happy, happy workaholic in those pants.
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