What Would You Pay? Lacy Jacket

Be sure to check out last week's Bow Hand Bag post. You said you'd pay between $45 to $150 for it. Find out how much it really costs.

This lacy, structured, knit jacket has an abundance of great details from the lacy "lapels" to the tiny waist pockets, to the exposed zippers and the lace-covered buttons. It's made of cotton and polyester, and the trim is made of rayon, nylon and polyester.

Next Tuesday I will announce on Twitter and Facebook (as well as in this post) where this jacket is from and how much it costs. (If you know where it's from, don't spoil the fun. The actual cost will skew everyone's answers.) Until then, what would you pay for a jacket like this?

Update: This is the Lacy Amour Jacket from Forever 21. It costs $22.80, which puts it well within the the price range of those of you who said you would pay a max of $50 for it. The only trick is sizing if, like me, you don't always fall in the juniors size range.


JiaoJiao said…
There's no lux material in the jacket, but the construction seems to be good. I'd pay <50 since it looks like a forever21 piece.

However, it is not my style and the jacket looks too old fashioned for me (<--biased. Childhood memory from growing up in China: only old ppl wears black/grey/navy with mandarin collars). It could be edgy with skinny jeans, or mini-dress and edgy shoes...
rachel said…
I'm with Chujiao. 50 would be my max. Especially since it's black. Black has ways of devouring wardrobes and making me look like I'm headed to a funeral.

*word verification is glees! happy dance!*

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