New Feature: What Would You Pay?

Welcome to the new and improved "Save or Splurge." Since that feature was running out of fuel, I'm trying out a new idea Jael Paris came up with--"What Would You Pay?" Each Tuesday I will show you an item and give you it's specs, except for where it's from and how much it really costs. You, dear readers will tell me what you would pay for the item. Next week, I will post on Facebook & Twitter where the item is from and what it costs. (I'll update the post too for the archives). Let's start with this cute bow bag:
This soft leather bag has three main compartments--the middle zips and the two outer compartments snap. It features an adorable bow and perfect pleating. You can carry it by the handles or the removable chain and leather shoulder strap. In comes in grey with gold hardware (pictured), black with gunmetal hardware, brown with gold hardware, and purple with gunmetal hardware(!).

So, dear readers, what would you pay?

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Update: This bag is by Betsey Johnson and is available on Zappos. It originally cost $402, but is now on sale for $321.60. Sadly, I don't think even the sale price puts in within my reach or the acceptable range of any who commented. If I was employed and had the money, I would pay up to $200 for this bag in purple.


Jael Paris said…
A versatile purse is a splurge for me, but I still like to buy them on sale. Even so, if I were looking for a purse, I'd pay up to $150 for that bag.
JiaoJiao said…
It's versatile and goes with everything. As for the quality, images can be deceiving. If it is every bit as luxurious as it looks, I'd pay up to $80.

$80 because I've seen bags just as lux for ~$50-$70. It probably cost more if it is brand name.
Nessa said…
im pretty sure this is a betsey johnson...because i wanted it! lol.. But i ould pay 45 max maybe...
LyddieGal said…
I would like to pay $40, but I might go to $60 if I saw it in person and fell in love.

I never make 'investment' bag purchases, because I'll carry a bag for a season, then switch to a new one, and since I'm always finding new bags I like, the old ones don't get much use after their initial run.

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