Save or Splurge: Christmas Sales

It's officially Christmas sale season. Black Friday kicked it off, and now the stores will continue offering super sales, early bird specials, last minute markdowns and bodacious bargain buys. Having worked as a seasonal sales associate at a major department store, I've seen the ridiculous hype over one cent markdowns and glossy sale ads. People really will buy anything set out on a shiny red table marked "Stocking Stuffer Sale."

Some of the deals really are great though. I've see leather, cashmere-lined gloves on sale for ten dollars (sadly, I had purchase all my gifts already that year). I've purchased things that would never go on sale any other time of year. I've spent my fair share of money during these sales.

What is your Christmas sale philosophy? Do you switch up your shopping list when you find a great bargain? Or do you stick to the plan regardless of what the shiny sale signs say?


chibiyui said…
Ha, my store had their Aigner leather cashmere lined gloves on for 10 dollars over black friday. They're now up to 19.99. I should have picked them up when I had a chance. Oh well.
LyddieGal said…
I'm in the splurge category - I can't say no to "take an extra 40% off already reduced prices"

Also, six people who I buy birthday presents for have January and February birthdays - so even when my christmas shopping is done, I'm not done. Its great to take advantage of some of the best sales all year.
JiaoJiao said…
Oh darn it! I just bought a pair of leather cashmere gloves from VS for ~$40. Would've went store shopping if I had the time....

I usually think of a general category for each person, then buy the present in that category that also happen to be on sale.

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