Launch My Line Episode 2

I'm still up in the air about this series. There are things I like, but there are also some rather fatal problems. Since I kept getting bored during the show (fatal problem). I'm going to review the likes and dislikes rather than give a straight up recap.

  • I still love the premise where would-be designers are paired with "expert" designers so they can create their own line and execute a vision.
  • I love that the designers bought all of their fabric up front while planning a cohesive line.
  • I love almost any show about fashion.
  • I love that the designers also have to come up with a logo and brand, and that they will actually get their line launched instead of just winning some money.
  • I think I like Dean and Dan Caten of DSQUARED2 as hosts.
  • Marilyn. She is my favorite designer so far. She has a chance at really creating a line women everywhere would love to wear.
  • Coco, Marilyn's "expert." She has a great designer, but all she does is complain about being tired and how she can't do stuff. (She's the one staring at her nails in the picture above instead of paying attention like everyone else). No wonder she had to go on a reality show. She probably can't keep a design job.
  • I thought the designers would get to follow their own visions, and the challenges would be more open ended to allow them to follow their vision. Instead, this week they had to make swimwear with provided orange, which many people clearly never planned on making.
  • I know drama makes for good TV, but Project Runway always put fashion before drama. We got brief looks at all the clothing and the designer learning to make it, but we got plenty of cat fights, storm outs and whining.
  • The "experts" don't seem to know all that much (No, a low back dress will not fall off the body is you know how to make it).
  • The "experts" also don't seem to realize their competing for $50K for helping their designers, not for using this time to create their own designs, play with their hair, throw temper tantrums, and take naps. This is just annoying, not entertaining.
  • I know there were 18 people there, but there were only nine designs so the judging didn't need to feel so abbreviated.
  • Real designers are not forced to incorporate jellyfish and butterfly silhouettes and orange fabrics into their collections.
  • The Mariah Carey mess (left, the fan is covering up the butterfly) won last night over this adjustable sleeve number (right).
  • The designer who lost was criticized for making a summer look out of a wool fabric. Perhaps he never intended to make a beach look. Many of the designers seemed to be making fall collection so a beach look would be incongruent with their lines of office attire and and structured suiting.
The winning line will be sold through Ruelala. You can sign up for the exclusive shopping service through that link.

What did you think of last night's episode? Will you keep watching?


Mel said…
LOL,the Mariah Carey mess really threw me too. It was just way too much going on.

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