Jael Takes The Leggings Leap

For years, I've resisted this trend, but I finally caved to leggings. They are a better winter option than tights. They won't get snagged, they're machine washable, and they're thicker. Trouble is they're so frequently done wrong, they makes me think sloppy thoughts. Here are my personal guidelines for wearing leggings right.

1. Leggings are not pants. No one wants to see every curve of your booty. Tunics or minis please. Yes, coworker, I'm talking to you.
2. If you wear denim leggings, you are not allowed to mock anyone in a honky tonk bar. Denim leggings are just skin tight jeans with an ever stylish elastic waist.
3. Unless you have miles of legs, do not buy leggings that cut through your calf. They make you look stubby.
4. When the knees get baggy, replace them.
5. Personally, I like them best in black, but perhaps you can persuade me.
Top: ankle zip legging, Urban Outfitters $38
grey acid wash leggings, Macy's $39
colorful (9 available) leggings, Victoria's Secret $15.50 (2 for $20)
corset leggings, Slash and Burn $27.50
Bottom: snake leggings, Express $17.70
wetlook leggings, Target $12.99
black stud leggings, Urban Outfitters $48
navy velvet stripe leggings, Forever 21 $24
slashed leggings, National Jean Company $26

How do you wear leggings? Which of the above are workable and which are absolute crimes?


becca said…
I love my leggings (which just tore so I'm quite sad). Mine are black. Unless I'm tucking them into boots or booties I make sure I'm wearing them with my black socks so you can't tell they're really anything more than really thick black tights.

I would love some color leggings for winter. I would tuck them into my boots so again they would look like thick tights and be much warmer than tights.

I hate seeing cotton skirts worn with cotton leggings and no slip in between though. This is a sticky, static-y mess.
LyddieGal said…
The lace up and slashed leggings make me cringe.
The ankle zippers are cute, and I would wear colored leggings. For the winter I really like knit footed tights - leggins may be thicker, but they leave your feet to the cold! (unless you just wear boots))
Jael Paris said…
I wear boots, which is part of my problem with tights. A few pairs were eaten by my boot zipper.
rachel said…
I wear my leggings as tights alternatives. Plus, it's really difficult to find tights long enough for my legs (especially here in Japan...) so I'll wear socks that are similar in color, or tucked into my boots.

Incidentally, there is a fleece pair of leggings that I'm oggling right now. They look like a cozy solution for the coldest of days.
KtB said…
I'm always cold so I <3 leggings! I actually teach beginner's sewing classes at HM157 in Los Angeles, and on Jan 10 we are going to be making leggings :D So if anyone's in the area and wants to learn how to sew and make something wearable...


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