Editor's Pick of the Week: Classic Cozy Scarf

Sometimes the things that warm our hearts are the simplest items of clothing--the items that seems to have a story. A classic, cable knit scarf is one of those items to me. Seeing one just makes me think I'm ready for a sleigh ride in a winter wonderland. This Topshop scarf is that classic item. It's not an earth-shattering design, but it is a luxurious, warm item that will never go out of style.

Winter makes me crave comforts like lasagna, quilts, fuzzy slippers, hot chocolate and cuddly scarfs. These things keep me warm inside and out. This winter comfort costs $32 and comes in purple (pictured), black and cream.


Laura Trevey said…
I love it ~~
so cozy indeed ~~

xoxo Laura

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