becca's Christmas Wishlist

My Christmas this year will be a small one. Unemployment has plagued me for a year and half now (I'm sure many of your dear reader identify), which means my actual Christmas list is one of needs I would normally buy for myself but currently can't. However, it is happy and fun to dream a little. Here are some things I might wish for in a better economy.

You'll never catch me at a moment when I can't name several pairs of shoes I am drooling over. I love these green mary janes. I have a pair of green suede Mary Janes, but suede is hard to keep clean and the heel is a bit high for everyday wear. I also love these colorful oxfords. I could wear these fall colors all year.

I love cuddling up in warm winter clothes. A cozy sweater is one of the best things about winter. This sweater features dolman sleeves, which I love, and their three-quarter length will let me wear my long gloves. Also, I rely on a warm pair of jeans to make it through harsh winter winds. A nice pair of dark wash, straight leg jeans is actually on my real Christmas list, but finding a pair that fits seems like a dream that will never come true.

Since I'm currently living in Chicago, I'd like some straight skirts. The Windy City and my flouncy skirts don't quite get a long. The plaid skirt with decorative buttons and folds or the great ruffled skirt would be perfect for fitting with my girly style and battling the wind.


Chujiao said…
You can definitely update your current wardrobe by changing small things that doesn't cost's a list of easy but chic DIY, always wanted to try them:

best investment I made for shoes: waterproofing spray and duct tape. Spray new shoes to repell dirt&water therefore shoes look newer. Wrinkle duct tape on bottom of shoes for more traction, and to keep the heels from worn out so quickly.
LyddieGal said…
The green MJs are adorable - I hope you get them!

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