$150 Challenge: Day-To-Night

Have to rush from work to a party? This lace dress from Newport News is demure enough for the office if you throw a crisp blazer on top. Once five o'clock hits, switch out your shoes and add some lipstick. This chameleon look is $148.46.
lace sheath dress, Newport News $49
blazer, Newport News $17.99
flats, Charlotte Russe $18.99
heels, Charlotte Russe $29.99
necklace, Newport News $29
lipstick, Cover Girl True Shine "Valentine Red" at Ulta $3.49


Anonymous said…
I love this outfit and I love you guys' taste in general, but I have to wonder about these "day to night" outfits. All the fashion mags and blogs seem to run one of these every week. This "problem" gets tackled so often!! Is there really that much going out to glitzy places straight from work??? Really?? Me, I go home, have a shower... I can still get to the glitzy place by 7 p.m., if indeed anyone starts partying that early, which they don't.
Jael Paris said…
I decided to post this because of the upcoming season of holiday parties. I work and live in different cities. Frequently, I'll only have enough time to stop for food before I go to a party. For me and becca (who has traffic nightmares to deal with in Chicago), this is a very real problem.

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