$150 Challenge: 5 New Year's Parties

The $150 Challenge is jam-packed this week with five completely different looks for your New Year's Eve bash. Which one strikes your fancy?

Vintage Girl $146.08
Maggie the Cat dress, Mod Cloth $54.99 (Want!)
pink satin stilettos, Pleaser "Bliss" on Amazon $34.90
black frame bead bag, Amazon $44.90
veiled headband, Forever 21 $7.80
pink lipstick, Cover Girl "Baby Girl" at Ulta $3.49

Sweetheart $148.49
brocade mini dress, Fred Flare $52
rhinestone heels, Windsor $34.90
sequin bow clutch, Catherine's $14.99
flower combs, Forever 21 $9.80
flower necklace, Forever 21 $8.80
Posietint blush/lipstain, Benefit at Sephora $28

Tough Act $149.19
embellished shoulder tunic tank, Forever 21 $22.80
sequin pants, Forever 21 $29.80
studded belt, Forever 21 $6.80
red snake open booties, Fly Jane $24.99
red snake clutch, Forever 21 $14.80
fingerless gloves, Top Shop $36
lipstick, Clinique "Rubellite" at Sephora $14

Super Star $127.28
sequin one shoulder dress, Forever 21 $22.80
cage heels, Forever 21 $20.80
blue clutch, Amazon $35
star fringe earrings, Girl Props $1.99
false star eyelashes, Beauty.com $22
blue eyeshadow, Lime Crime "Pompadour" $10.20
dual eyeliner pencil, NYX on Amazon $2.49
Mac "$$$$ Yes" nail polish, Nordstrom $12

Sexy Sophisticate $122.48
slinky purple dress, Victoria's Secret $49
satin bow pump, Me Too "Jeanette" on Endless $43.90
quilted clutch. Aldo $19.98
pearl bracelet, Forever 21 $5.80
pearl cluster earrings, Forever 21 $3.80


Laura Trevey said…
I love the sexy sophisticate!!
Candace said…
Love the sweet heart look! That dress is gorgeous!
JiaoJiao said…
omg LOVE vintage girl and sweet heart.

Been wanting that pink shoes from the vintage girl thing, but couldn't find a way to pull it off without thinking of lingerie (feels the same as wearing my bra outside my clothe).

and that sweet heart dress, want! It's so hard to find understated gold color items.
Liv said…
Love the second one. I think it would work great into the Masquerade nye theme we're having.
Now if only I could find a mask...

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