T.J. Maxx Giveaway Winner!

Our first contest ended Sunday, and we now have a winner for the $25 T.J. Maxx gift card! I enjoyed reading all the entries and looking at pictures from those who sent them. I also loved that several of you said it would be hard to point out just one T.J. Maxx deal because most of your wardrobe had been purchased there.

The winner was chosen by a highly scientific method. I had my mom draw a name from a bowl. And the winner is.....

Lydia!Lydia's entire outfit is from T.J. Maxx. Here's what she had to say about her best bargain:
"My greatest T.J. Maxx bargain is a Chiara Mente sweater dress, found on the clearance rack for $7. The Italian made wool dress had a ‘compare at’ price of $80!

My happiest T.J. Maxx moment however, was when I didn’t buy a pair of leather boots I was in love with because I thought they were too expensive. When I left the store that day I had non-buyers remorse! The next time I went back they were gone. Then, about a month later at a different T.J.Maxx, I found them again, only now they were on clearance! I got my amazing boots, and a great price."
Happy Shopping, Lydia! To see some of the pictures from other entries, visit our Facebook photo album.

Those of you who didn't enter, what is your best "Maxx" moment?


jelloqueen said…
I like her outfit and I can't believe she got it at TJ Maxx, and the for that awesome price! She looks great, and I really like the boots!

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