Shopping Inquiry: Brown Heeled Boots

One of my coworkers wants to buy some boots for his girlfriend, but he's clueless on brands. As far as brands in that price range are concerned, we recommend Franco Sarto, Naturalizer, Aerosoles, and (if you can find them at a discount store) Frye for everyday boots. His specs are as follows: brown, high heel, knee high and under $200. Essentially, the sort of boot many of you are looking for. Here are a few boots we like that fit those requirements.Top: chunky soled boot, Guess "Bowler" at Endless $198.95
patent trim boot, Franco Sarto "Laud" at Endless $98.42
military button boot, ZiziGirl "Spider" at Endless $189.95
western boot, Aerosoles "Otherworldly" at Endless $139.95
Bottom: patent boots, Rockport "Eberhart Blvd" on Endless $199.95
side buckle boot, Jessica Simpson "Hosana" at Endless $197.95
lace-up boots, Vincent Camuto "Minnie" at Piperlime $198
chain boot, Michael Antonio "Onte" at Endless $89.95

Do you have a shoping request? Email us your specs at editor[at]fashionmefabulous[dot]com.


Robin said…
Oh, the first ones! Definitely!
Elizabeth said…
I picked these up with the buy one get one half off sale. Does anyone have suggestions for what to wear as a top? Colors, styles, etc? Thanks :)
JiaoJiao said…

-wear with knee length or above skirt/dress. Tights are optional.

-tuck skinny jeans into them.

-long skirt works too as long as it is below the top of the boots.
Elizabeth said…
Thanks Chujiao. Any color suggestions? I'm not as good with matching tans/browns.
Jael Paris said…
I used to use brown as my base and wear whatever other color with it. Brown is like black in that way.
JiaoJiao said…

personally, I think the shade of brown you picked will even work with black, although some people might disagree.

I vote for wearing something romantic for contrast, or edgy to go with the tough look. Office and preppy look might not work as well.

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