Save or Splurge: Constellation Bracelet

Ann Taylor sells this constellation bracelet for $95. It's costume jewelry so that makes the price a little high. However, it's a stunning, quality pieces. It's the kind of costume jewelry that will last and may even become a bit of an heirloom (I have a bunch of my grandmother's costume jewelry. The quality is amazing), which is something that can't be said of the jewelry purchased at Forever 21 or Target.
For example, the clasp won't break next week. The cubic zirconia will catch the light much better than the little plastic "crystals" adorning most costume jewelry. The lux look will probably get a lot of compliments. And this bracelet is a bold statement piece that doesn't scream.

Would you splurge for a quality, lasting piece of costume jewelry like this? Or would you rather save and buy something inexpensive since it is only costume jewelry?


Jael Paris said…
I've looked at a lot of costume jewelry, and this piece has beautiful crystals. They're like twinkling stars!

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