Love or Loathe: Minnetonkas vs. Uggs

For cold weather, becca will actually wear Uggs. Personally, I can't stand the line of the boot. It looks like something a child would draw, no real finesse. Minnetonkas however, have a more defined ankle and a sleeker foot. I could do without their traditional pioneer styling though. Where do you stand on warm winter boots? Do you prefer one of these brands or do you wear another?

Fear not, ye cold of toe. Once the snow starts to fall, I'll be bringing you a variety of ways to stay warm.


Rachel said…
I prefer waterproof boots for practicality in winter. I did just buy some Ugg-style boots since I needed something comfy to fit my puffy pregnancy feet. I work with the youth at church and they're what all the girls wear, and dressing how they dress is always a good way to gain the favor of teenagers ;)
Sarah Dee said…
I find it to be the ultimate irony that at the bottom of your page the google ad for this post is a Ugg ad! Okay im sorry had to point that out. personally I cannot stand Uggs my friend has a pair of floral uggs and that is the only kind I can see myself wearing. On the other hand Minnetonka boots are the most amazing staple in my winter wardrobe. And being from Minnesota the brand holds a special place in my heart.
Hannah said…
I was an avid Ugg fan for years, but now I can't stand the sight of them. Neither pair really fits my aesthetic. To keep my poor toes warm during the winter months, I double up on tights and socks underneath my boots.
Jael Paris said…
I also wear sock and tights, but I add leg warmers too. I have motorcycle style boots that are half a size too big. They're not that pretty, but they get the job done. (And by mid-January, I'll hate the sight of them.)
JiaoJiao said…
for the coldest, I like something like this:

or if you want the cute look, then go all the way out past the uggs and get mukluks
rachel said…
If I were living in Michigan this year, I would probably have bought a pair of Uggs, mostly because my feet are always cold in winter. I hate the look of them, but the shearling lining does something that layers of tights and knee socks don't do for me. They keep my feet warm. I bought a pair of shearling slippers a few years ago from work and bought a second pair last winter even though the first pair is still in good condition because I loved them that much. Thankfully, I live in a warmer climate, so I can get away with cuter boots this year. I'm not a huge fan of the Minnetonka fringe or beading, and since they don't have much insulation, they aren't really something I'd consider purchasing.
LyddieGal said…
Uggs are definitely in my loathe column. The Minnetonkas are a cuter, but still not something I would wear, and I can't imagine trudging through winter sludge and snow in a suede boot.

Last winter I bought these Pajar Sled Boots in brown
Caitlin said…
I freakin' LOVE Minnetonka; I have two pairs of their moccasins, and I would die for a pair of their boots, but they are too expensive for me right now. Uggs are completely overpriced and not very good looking.

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