FMF Reader Poll: Bold Glasses

I love bold glasses. I have a pair of semi-bold glasses, but they're pretty tame by my standards and the prescription is rather old. I need to get a new pair, but I need to wait on an income to do so. This means I have plenty of time to shop. I was planning on getting something vintage or retro, but I recently got bangs (like Zooey Deschanel bangs), and I'm worried that would be a whole lot of look. I usually wear contacts so I only break out the glasses when my allergies are killing me or when I think a look needs glasses. How do you, dear readers, feel about bold glasses? (And side questions, what do you think of bold glasses with bangs?)


Alison said…
I love bold glasses, but I like more bold in color or pattern instead of huge with thick rims. My current glasses I've had for probably 4 or 5 years and still love them. They are rectangle but orange with a tiny purple stripe with a spacey bronze and orange pattern on the sides. Sounds weird, but they look great!

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