Etsy Shop of the Week: Ashes and Empires

Shop: Ashes and Empires

Why We Love It: I've been searching for interesting spats that can make my basic heels more interesting, and I've found them here.

Price Range: $32 - $156

More Info: The shop also sells other accessories like bags, gloves and ties. Follow them on Facebook or Myspace.

Favorite Items: Leather and Herringbone Military spats $92 (pictured); Herringbone spats w/leather ruffle and buttons $76; Herringbone spats w/brass studs and scallop detail $84


Jael Paris said…
I really like their gloves too!
Robin said…
Oh spats, I love you so!
Lindsey said…
LOVE this!! I'll have to check out the gloves too, I bet they are super cute!
r4 dsi said…
Fashion is the best way to show out our personality and also glamour..
so i will take this article in my life...
Thanks for sharing valuable info..

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