Editor's Pick of the Week: NY&C Ruffle Shirt

I went shopping with a friend yesterday, and since she was looking for dress pants and professional clothes, we tried New York & Company. I usually don't shop there because I end up being in between sizes and I rarely find things I like that much. However, I found a ton of stuff I liked yesterday. Sadly, I have no money to shop with.

I was most impressed by all the stunning white dress shirts they had. This Ruffle Shirt from their Red Label, was my favorite, but they also had a ton of unique white shirts that take the traditional white button up to a new level.

The model's pose is hiding most of the detail (the website has terrible posing and hard to see pictures). The shirt has incredible shoulders and ruffle-like loops around the collar. At $68, it's a bit pricey, but there is a buy on get one 50% off sale and NY&C is pretty good about having other sales too.


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