Editor's Pick of the Week: Boot WANT!

Most of my truly comfortable shoes come from Naturalizer. I also get a ton of compliments the shoes I own from there. During a recent visit to Naturalizer, I spotted these lace up boots. I want them! They are a perfect leather boot for winter. I can wear them with pants and skirts. Since they don't have a tall shaft, I don't have to worry about them being too small for my calves like most boots. They also have a sturdy heel for navigating winter terrain.

Naturalizer sells them in black (pictured), brown and a tan suede & leather mix. They are also currently on sale for $99 from $120. I wish I was employed and could afford these because I'd be ordering my size 11s right now.


Rachel said…
Those are really really nice. I wish I had extra money (any money?) laying around too.
rachel said…
cute!!! I ordered the blowfish that were featured. I want something like these too. Maybe next year...

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