Spot Store Review: Sock Dreams

When it became apparent that I would need arm warmers or fingerless gloves to survive the cold weather at work, I first headed to Etsy. They didn't really have what I needed -- washable, smooth warmers for an "I don't care if they get ruined" price. Then I remembered Sock Dreams. I frequently find myself lusting over the goodies on Sock Dreams, but hadn't broken down and purchased anything from them. Their Harajuku arm warmers were exactly what I wanted, so I bought three pairs in merlot, teal and emerald. Shipping was free and they were sent out that same day. It only took two days for them to get from Oregon to Indiana. They are very warm without being itchy. An excellent e-shopping experience overall.


WickedThrifty said…
good to know! i'd heard of their tights selection but didn't know they had other things!
Audi said…
I LOVE Sock Dreams -- great service, and I've been happy with the many pairs of socks, armwarmers, and tights I've bought from them.

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