Save or Splurge: Coupons

I use coupons for grocery shopping, but when it comes to clothing and accessories I don't find coupons so helpful. That darn fine print makes them so hard to use. I'm always getting coupons in the mail for department and mall stores that say I can get $15 off my purchase of $75 or more. I guess the coupon could be useful if I actually planned on spending $75, but, come to think of it, it's not really that simple either. I can never use the coupon on sale or clearance items or on the brands I really want to buy. I also can't combine coupons or count sales tax toward the total.

There have only been a few rare occasions where I got a use a coupon because I was actually planning to spend enough money at one store. However, I'm sure still had to buy some mints at the register to make the coupon quota.

Do coupons entice you to buy something more expensive or add items to you shopping bag to get the deal? Or do you ignore the coupons unless they meet your needs?


LyddieGal said…
when shopping online, i have defiantly bought more things than i'd intended to meet free shipping quotas.

I'll also try to take advantage of the 30% off coupons I get from the Gap. It's the only time I ever buy anything there not off the sales rack!

When a sale is buy one get on free, I'll spend forever looking for two things that are the same price, even if it means spending $90 to get two pairs of shoes, when I only wanted to spend $30.

But I refuse to fall victim to the small print. If i get up to the register and things aren't included on the coupon, I wont buy them anyway.
SohoAccessories said…
Shopping in retail stores, I always forget to bring my coupons. I use a coupon site to find coupons for online purchases. They really help.
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Something that big stores should offer!!!
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