Paris Fashion Week SS10: Louis Vuitton & Balenciaga

Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga are two designers we always see over and over in fashion editorials. We always see their expensive shoes and bags everywhere so I thought I'd break our fashion week posting format to discuss.

Louis Vuitton, what just happened? After a few clicks through the slide show, I'm still not sure what I saw. I never expect to love any Louis Vuitton show, but I can usually make some sense of it. After fall's exciting boots, I'm really bummed by spring's clown shoes. Some of the shoes even looked like Uggs on acid (middle). Many shoes appear to have white, fluffy mustaches (middle and right). The bags were all over the place too. Mostly, I noticed monogramed, ombre duffle bags that will cost a ton but look dated the second they leave a store shelf (middle). I didn't mind the backpack bags, but the tasseled, double-pouch fanny pack was a bad, bad idea (left). I actually liked the bags that look like plastic shopping bags (right), but I think that style got lost in total lack of focus. As for the clothes. I think some of them might have been really cute. It's hard to tell because the styling really got in the way of the pieces, I think. Maybe everything is just that busy? My head hurts.
Balenciaga didn't make my head hurt, but's lack of detail shots did. Really, (and everyone else that takes runway pictures)? The Balenciaga shoes will show up in every editorial and be copied for seasons to come and I can't see a few detail shots? What? Anyway. Balenciaga went space-aged urban for spring. The leather crafting and use of textures made me want to read through the screen to touch some of the clothes. I'm dying to have the black leather button-up vest. I just wish I could see the shoes close up so I could tell what I think of them.
What did you think of these two shows? Were they hits or misses?


Jael Paris said…
I like the LV jackets. I frequently think Marc phones the wacky in for the clothes since that's not what LV is known for.

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