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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who: Akris
What it made us think of: Less really can be more.
What we liked: Clean lines, great jackets, subtle details, logo-free bags, pops of fall color for spring
What we didn't: Nearly every model showing her bra somehow
Who: Anne Valérie Hash
What it made us think of: Slouchy, easy Saturday attire
What we liked: Laid back feel with flowing casual pieces
What we didn't: Some of the looks came across as sloppy rather than casual
Who: Stella McCartney
What it made us think of: That girl who looks breezy and effortless all summer
What we liked: Ruffles, pelpum, and girly bathing suits that didn't look fussy or over done, relaxed pants, a more feminine fit for the boyfriend jacket, bright colors
What we didn't: Droopy crotch jumpsuits and too-short shorts
Who: Rue du Mail
What it made us think of: Feminine structure that transcends trends
What we liked: Ruffles, structured suit pieces, darks for spring
What we didn't: Second half of the show felt repetitive with little spring frocks, sadly this is the part of the show with all the color.
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