Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who: Givenchy
What it made us think of: Geometry (in a good way, not a dreading high school math way)
What we liked: Everything, especially the striped blazers.
What we didn't: pretty pretty dresses that were sheer only over the boobs (Audrey Hepburn would not approve)
Who: Chanel
What it made us think of: Fun! Lily Allen was performing, the show took place in a barn setting (well, barns aren't fun to me, but it looked fun), Chanel's classic pieces were mixed up for a younger feel (without alienating classic Chanel customers).
What we liked: The girly pretty dresses, the lace covered suits, the bows and school girl looks, the ballet ribbon tights,
What we didn't: A few pieces of frayed tweed, which looked good on the runway, but won't work well for trickle-down fashions; the random his & hers rock star looks inserted into the show were cool, but didn't fit.
Who: Yves Saint Laurent
What it made us think of: Stark elegance (for the most part)
What we liked: The simple, structured pieces
What we didn't: The random, voluminous pieces that were pretty but didn't seem to fit.
Who: Valentino
What it made us think of: Ultra-feminine Victorian rock stars
What we liked: The lace, the shoes, the ruffles
What we didn't: Not a single red dress at Valentino. I know the line is going in a new, positive direction, but not a single red dress is sad.
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Jael Paris said…
Karl needs to be slapped for creating Chanel clogs.

Love the shoes at Valentino. I'm going to have to oggle those dresses later.
kylsie said…
LOVE the Valentino black lace dress with black lace shoes.

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