Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who: Christian Dior
What it made us think of: Showing up at your boyfriend's in nothing but a trench coat and a negligee
What we liked: Playing with trench coats, femme fatal suits, peaks of lingerie
What we didn't: The wedge platforms reminded us of the shoes we wore in high school. The show was sexy enough for Dior but too safe.
Who: Karl Lagerfeld
What it made us think of: What if Gwen Stefani were a 1950s rock star?
What we liked: Beautifully constructed coats, high-waisted shorts, shoes, belts, metallics, pin silhouettes of Karl playing guitar, hand encasing bracelets
What we didn't: Rompers
Who: Jean Paul Gaultier
What it made us think of: Baby Phat in prison
What we liked: Prints like musculature, purple and olive, arm bands, transformed military boots
What we didn't: Overalls, the use of denim, ridiculous fake tattoos

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