Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who: Emporio Armani
What it made us think of: Three or four different collections
What we liked: Smart jackets, cute bloomers, dress shorts, belts, shoulders
What we didn't: Confetti looks, sheer mess square tops, how scattered the collection felt
Who: Gucci
What it made us think of: Futuristic action heroes
What we liked: The space-age, armor-like details on jackets pants and dress, the shoes
What we didn't: Some pieces are just too revealing to be sexy, but that's Gucci
Who: MaxMara
What it made us think of: Relaxed military chic
What we liked: Jackets, trench coats, shoes, pants
What we didn't: The barely-there, barely covering the ladies style shirts
Who: Missoni
What we liked: The layered textures and prints
What we didn't: A lot of the layering might not look good on a fuller figure
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