Love or Loathe: Lash Sweater

No doubt some of you have had to remind men that your eyes are on your face, not your chest. I can't help but think of that when I look at this blinking sweater from French Connection. The idea is fine with lush lashes and one sequined eye, but I don't care for it in execution. Of course, maybe it's just not my aesthetic. Would you give a wink to this sweater or avoid eye contact? (Yes, I had to go there with the puns.)


kylsie said…
It doesn't look cheap or crappy, but yeah. I object to the eye boobs. Placed elsewhere on the shirt and smaller, they could be pretty cute.
Caitlin said…
I really like this shirt! I think if you had a larger chest, though, it might not work so well...haha
ack. horrible. don't need any more attention on the girls, thanks :P
Rachel Le said…
Makes me think: "Whoa, lopsided boobies!" ...and that's just not a good thing.
Someone said…
Well isn't that tasteless! Loathe it.
oh...hmmmm....not so much. It's kind of like pasties on a sweater.
becca said…
I'm sure somewhere there is a woman who can pull this off. This woman is not me (because I refuse to try). It's also not Mya (even though she did make an attempt):

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